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A New Way To Convert Website Visitors Into Customers Through Postcards

Every business has a challenge of converting website visitors. On average, 97% of website traffic remains unconverted*…and leaves your site without a trace. Since marketers rely on their websites for leads and revenue, this shockingly low conversion rate affects everything from sales to budget planning. Until now, this has been a tough issue to solve.

The industry-standard tactic to convert website visitors is to deploy digital retargeting ads. While important, this channel does come with three serious downfalls:

  • the ad-blind don’t see these ads anymore (which many studies show make up the majority of online shoppers);
  • 30% of consumers’ devices are now running ad-blocker software; and
  • of the ads that finally do get seen, average response rates of 0.7% mean that 99% of purchased impressions remain unclicked.**

The team at Modern can help solve these challenges through our all new postcard retargeting service, Modern iO.

Convert Website Visitors Through Postcards

Modern iO combines the urgency of retargeting your website visitors and the response power of Direct Mail. We match about 50% of a website’s visitors to mailable addresses and send direct mail postcards to those unconverted visitors.

This new marketing service is simple and risk-free to test. All you have to do is place a Modern iO tag on your website. It reveals important metrics like your volume of website visitors and addressable matches.

“Three days after we placed the Modern iO tag on our site, we saw the visitor metrics and got very excited seeing how many visitors left my site each day that could be reached by direct mail. My instincts told me to give it a try. There was little risk in starting a campaign, because I set up the budget that was comfortable for us.” 

 – Laurie Dunlap, CEO of Blue Canoe

Like many Modern iO clients, this marketer wasn’t worried about dipping a toe into a brand-new marketing channel because there are
no minimums, no set-up fees, and no contracts.


How to Get Started

Modern iO helps clients plan a strategy tailored to their specific needs, and also helps with the creative for each postcard so there aren’t any undue delays.

“Most of our clients launch with a 60 to 90-day test campaign that includes multiple postcard options, such as campaigns for best-selling products and abandoned shopping carts,” says Christopher Foster, VP of Business Development at Modern Postcard.

Clients manage their campaigns using Modern iO’s online dashboard which shows daily visitors and mailings, mailable addresses, a dynamic map that “pins” where the mailings go and of course, results!

With postcard retargeting, the “return to site” metrics are 20 times over digital retargeting, and the Return on Ad Spend 9x in some cases. It’s a true performance marketing channel, and the team at Modern iO will help you optimize it every step of the way.

“What Modern iO has done, is help me better compete. I know my visitors go to lots of other websites – even after they visit mine. This channel is a better way to engage my audience, who has already shown an interest in us. It’s a game-changer for our marketing.”

– Laurie Dunlap, CEO of Blue Canoe

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By Chris Foster, VP, New Business Development, Modern Postcard

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