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Customer Spotlight: Kelly Klee Contributes Their Success to Creating a Unique Service and Targeting the Right Audience

After growing tired of the poor options provided by insurance companies for individuals with high-end homes and the lack of personalized care, Kelly Klee CEO and Founder Jon Kelly saw a prime market opportunity. Having had bad experiences as a customer himself, Jon knew exactly the kind of service he, and others like him, would want and expect. Today Kelly Klee is a thriving business that exceeds those expectations by providing bespoke insurance solutions through expert service. This post covers Kelly Klee’s process to deliver a premium service to every client and how Modern Postcard’s quality direct mail marketing and print promotions help bring in new business.

Jon Klee - Customer Spotlight

Pictured: Jon Kelly, CEO and Founder of Kelly Klee

Give us an overview of how your business started.
I started Kelly Klee Insurance in 2014 as a project within another company and spun it out in 2016. As founder, I had a rough time finding a way to buy insurance for high-end homes from traditional agencies. So Kelly Klee was made to “scratch an itch” and build a better solution for myself and others like me.

Who is your audience?
We’re targeting the most affluent 10% of households in the U.S.—those that have larger custom homes.

What top 3 qualities set Kelly Klee apart from other insurance services?
First, we are 100% dedicated to high-end personal insurance. Most agencies that sell personal insurance are business-insurance-first and offer personal insurance as an afterthought. Second, we have invented a bespoke suite of technology to make the sign-up process much easier for our customers. Third, we believe heavily that great process results in great experience—this is the “lean six sigma” approach to business that revolutionized manufacturing around the world. We’re bringing that same level of quality to personal insurance.

What marketing initiatives do you use to promote Kelly Klee and how have they contributed to your growth?
We focus primarily on online marketing (Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.) and then layer in traditional marketing, such as direct mail, and new broadcast media. We have a very strong focus on ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), so we focus our dollars on what works. These initiatives directly drive our growth since, as an “online” agency, we get all our leads from our marketing initiatives and current customer referrals.

How did you hear about Modern Postcard?
Our Chief Marketing Officer did a search for well-respected direct mail firms and identified Modern Postcard.

Why do you choose to work with Modern Postcard over other print and direct mail vendors?
We’ve worked with others in the past and we interviewed and received proposals from many different firms. Our choice to use Modern Postcard came down to the following: quality of work delivered to us in samples, responsiveness to what we were asking for, professionalism of staff, and competitive pricing.

How has Modern Postcard contributed to the success of your business?
Since we began testing in 2018, we’ve seen that Modern Postcard can target our unique customer segment and drive meaningful business to us. We’re excited to see how much we can push the envelope on integrating direct mail with other channels to enhance our ROI.

Postcard Marketing Use Case Kelly Klee Postcard Marketing Successful Postcard Marketing Example

Examples of Kelly Klee print promotions and direct mail pieces printed by Modern Postcard. All images are courtesy of Kelly Klee.

What are Kelly Klee’s future plans?
Growth! People love our service (72 Net Promotor Score and an average rating of over 9/10 on surveys), so now we want to tell everyone and get them on our service!

Any advice you’d like to pass on to other business owners trying to grow and/or develop?
Measure, test, and refine everything you do. If a channel doesn’t meet your goals in the first pass, but is showing results, do a deep dive on what is working and what you can improve upon.

By Modern Postcard

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