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Direct mail lands big gig for photographer Scott Areman

Scott Areman, a Seattle and Atlanta based commercial portrait photographer, relies on quality printing to help him look his best and put his best foot forward. His latest direct mail campaign landed a big gig with a local credit union – a small investment with a huge return. I had the chance to float a few questions his way to find out a little bit more about his photography career and uncover tips for successful self-promotion.

What is your secret recipe for successful print promotions?

To me it’s important to continue to send print pieces. I think creatives like print and it’s a way to stand out. My pieces feature an image or images that are unique to my style of shooting. It’s important to send out printed pieces consistently. I do a printed piece of some kind, postcards or a promo piece, alternated with email promos, phone calls and portfolio meetings. Also the design is consistent with the style of my brand.

Why do you use direct mail and who is your target audience?

My target audience changes depending on the promo I am sending out. I market to creatives at advertising agencies and design firms and I also market to in-house corporate creatives. Direct mail is a crucial part of my marketing strategy. It’s another way to communicate the uniqueness of my photos and stay in touch.

Why do you choose Modern for your printing needs?

Modern Postcard has beautiful print quality and great customer service. I have worked with Rikki Weber and she does a great job. She gets it done! I can rely on Modern Postcard to take care of whatever I need done for the print piece I send out.

What other forms of Marketing or self-promotion do you do?

Email promos, phone calls, cold calling, portfolio meetings, Tumblr.

When did you first know that photography was going to be your career of choice and what fuels your passion for photography?

I’ve been taking pictures since I was a child and never wanted to do anything else. I worked as an assistant in New York and after that knew that I could have a good career as a photographer. I got exposed to a lot of very talented successful photographers so I saw what the possibilities were and what path I could take in my own work. I love shooting portraits. There is so much that’s interesting and beautiful about people and who they are and I enjoy experiencing that and expressing that experience through my photography.

Tell us about one of your most memorable or special photography moment, whether on location or personal works.

I shot a series last year that I call “The Room”. It’s on my website. It’s a series of portraits that I did in a very simple way. Natural light, no assistants, no computers, no hair & makeup… it was just about meeting these strangers, interviewing them and the portraits that came out of that. Their stories and the emotions that come through in the portraits are what I love about photography. It’s the moment and intimacy of meeting people and working with them to create a portrait that is meaningful to me; and continues to be fun and interesting.

What kind of advice can you give fellow photographers who are looking for ways to take their career to the next level?

To me I enjoy being a pro photographer because I get to be creative, meet new people all the time, and do business. The challenge is to combine all of that and keep a balance. Striving for the balance is part of the work and the best advice I would give someone. I want to be a creative person, successful in business and have a life. To me that’s the goal. And to keep having fun while I’m doing it.

View Scott’s recent works and full portfolio at

By Wendy Batara, Marketing Program Manager, Modern Postcard

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