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Digital Marketing – You Can’t Wrap This

Christmas in my house is frustrating. All year long, I listen for gift–buying hints from my other half. She wants a new food processor, this gorgeous throw blanket, new boots…on and on. But, usually within a week or two, she actually buys all these things. And my gift list goes back to zero.

With the holiday buying season ramping up, I have been at a loss. Until I stumbled upon an app that my foodie spouse would love, Moderniste Cuisine at Home. Yes, there’s the book version, but she loves her iPad and this would be perfect. It’s not cheap either, but an $80 app that includes 1,683 photos, 416 recipes and 37 technique videos, including how to sear steak with a blowtorch. How cool is that?

As I reach for my wallet to throw money at something she actually doesn’t have, I come to a dead stop.

This is a Christmas gift. Christmas gifts need to be wrapped and placed under the tree.

I need (yes, need) to see her unwrap it, see the surprise on her face. I need her to experience the thrill of unwrapping a physical gift, tearing away the paper to reveal something she would never buy for herself, but absolutely loves. The gift needs to be tangible, not digital.

What this reminds me of is direct mail versus email or other digital marketing efforts.

There’s something about holding a mailer in your hand. That physical, visceral experience that you need to make the right connection and a lasting impression. While your mailer may not teach people how to create a garlic confit in duck fat, your message deserves more than a fleeting medium. Give it a whirl.

Meanwhile, my gift list is back to zero.

By Modern Postcard

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