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Direct Mail 101: The Right Call-to-Action

Every advertisement, unless it is strictly a branding piece, should have some sort of call-to-action (CTA). Even though many marketers are aware of this optimization technique, it can still be overlooked. The disconnect can often be not understanding what the right CTA is.

The first part of the right CTA should be an activity that prompts the viewer to complete an action, whether it’s to place an order, download a white paper, or just make a phone call for more information. Simply placing your contact information on an advertisement does not constitute a CTA as the viewer has no obligation to act.

People literally need to be told how to respond to your advertisement. Some examples of proper CTAs would be:

    • Visit this website for this month’s offer
    • Click here to place an order
    • Call now 555-555-5555 for more details
    • Complete this web form for a special discount code

The second part of the right CTA is that it should be something that is measurable. This can sometimes become advanced in nature, but the collected information from this practice is invaluable. By obtaining the data from the amount of phone calls, orders, or downloads from a specific advertisement will enable the business to determine the success or failure of a particular campaign.

More importantly, through further testing and tracking, the business can better understand the intricacies of its prospects and customize campaigns that motivate them to respond. This practice is called optimization, and it’s often the missing piece in every marketing campaign.

By missing a CTA on advertisements, the business is leaving too much to chance, and not enough to prompting possible revenue. In this day and age, with the amount of advertising noise that every consumer is faced with, prompting is a true necessity.

By Modern Postcard

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