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Modern Postcard’s Direct Mail Crash Course – Sponsored by the USPS®

Modern Postcard’s Direct Mail Crash Course, Sponsored by the USPS® - A group of people at a table attending a seminar while taking notes and smiling

Our popular Direct Mail Crash Course is a free, half-day seminar for anyone who wants to learn more about direct mail marketing and how this channel can help a business of any size grow and retain its customer base.

Presenting this course is Keith Goodman, VP of Marketing and Corporate Sales. As one of the nation’s leading experts in direct mail marketing, with over 25 years of industry experience, his all-encompassing knowledge is a goldmine to everyone who’s interested in learning about or deepening their knowledge of direct mail marketing. Keith has personally curated this comprehensive course to cover everything from why direct mail marketing should be a part of a company’s marketing arsenal to what’s involved and how to set up a successful campaign, including tracking and calculating ROI.

Why Should You Attend the Direct Mail Crash Course?

We live in a very competitive marketplace, regardless of which industry we work in. Sometimes, it feels like every day is an uphill battle. But, with the right marketing tactics in place, these hills can become less steep, easier to climb, and eventually overcome. Direct mail done right is one of several tools you can use to help your marketing thrive. Our free seminar will set you on the right path to understanding and working with direct mail. It’s an engaging, strategy-packed event where you gain knowledge, tactics, and insights you can implement right away.

Among other things, you’ll:

Gain Valuable Direct Mail Insight

  • Learn how to turn expectations into revenue with a smart business marketing plan
  • Find out how to write compelling copy that demands attention and drives a response
  • Learn how to create calls-to-action, offers, and tests to increase ROI of your campaigns

Learn How to Understand List Opportunities

  • Discover how to enrich your own customer database for better results
  • Learn how to target prospects most likely to buy using advanced analytics
  • Understand how to boost response by finding the ideal list from over 60,000 lists on the market

Gain Knowledge on How to Boost Delivery While Reducing Costs

  • Find out how to increase mail delivery with proper list suppression and cleaning
  • Learn how to cut costs and enhance delivery on every mailing using drop shipping
  • Discover how to track your mailers at key points with an Intelligent Mail® barcode

Understand How to Integrate Digital and Direct Mail

  • Learn how to mix cross-channel solutions seamlessly by pairing direct mail with online media at scale
  • Learn how to utilize email, targeted online display, short codes, QR codes and more to improve ROI
  • Discover how to include data-driven VDP and PURLs in your direct mail to increase relevance and response

We see professionals from seasoned marketers and entrepreneurs to CEO’s and small business owners join this seminar, and at the end of the day everyone has learned something new. Direct mail might be familiar to us all since we interact with it every day through our mailboxes, but to truly understand this medium, and how to use it successfully, acquires knowledge that can only be taught by industry experts.

Direct Mail Crash Course Attendees Learning about Direct Mail Marketing in this FREE Seminar

Learn How to Launch Profitable Direct Mail in One Day

Learn in-person from Keith as he travels the country to present this course! Signing up is easy, but seats are limited and do run out. We encourage everyone who is interested to check out our current schedule. If you can’t find your city or geographical region in the line-up, please drop us a line to express your interest. We will make every attempt to bring this seminar to your area.

Oh, and did we mention that as a thank you for attending the Direct Mail Crash Course, in addition to a wealth of direct mail knowledge, you’ll walk away with $250 in FREE printing? There’s so much to gain from attending this seminar. We welcome you and your colleagues to join us.

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

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