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Direct Mail Gets Emotional

With digital and social media marketing increasing in popularity each day, many marketers wonder where good old direct mail fits in the mix. Consider one powerful aspect of the direct mail you receive – the emotional connection that you don’t get with online experiences. You can hold, view and interact with a piece of direct mail. You can hang it on your fridge or a bulletin board at work. You might stick it in a purse or keep it in your car for later use.

No printing, no searching and no remembering.

It’s not surprising that research by the USPS shows that 79% of all households read or scan the direct mail they receive. It also shows that consumers prefer to receive offers through the mail rather than via email or text. That applies event to younger adults who some might assume live exclusively in the digital realm.

Having the power to make an emotional connection with a tangible marketing piece is a strong indication that direct mail deserves a place in any promotional mix. Hey, it’s what people want!

By Modern Postcard

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