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Direct Mail Statistics

Perhaps now more than ever, in a world where everyone seems to be soliciting your marketing dollars, it can sometimes be difficult to allocate budget and feel good about it.

That’s why we have complied a few direct mail statistics to consider, and for those who are interested in statistics overload (is there even such a thing??), we welcome you to download the full Direct Mail Statistics Guide.

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How the pandemic shifted consumer behavior — and marketing strategies.

According to a survey done by Valassis, 30% of consumers are spending more time reading marketing promotions that arrive in their home mailbox compared to before the coronavirus pandemic. Why is this important to know? Because it’s a significant indicator to shift your marketing dollars to reach your audience – at home.

Well, some might say that digital marketing does the same thing, doesn’t it? Not quite. Let’s take email marketing for example. While email messages may reach a person’s inbox, according to Mailchimp the open rate of this medium is between 10-25%, with a click-through-rate that lingers anywhere between 2-5% depending on the industry. Direct mail on the other hand has an open rate of 90% and according to a the DMA Response Rate Report, 70% of consumers say they prefer traditional mail for cold, unsolicited offers, which makes direct mail the ideal approach to try and gain new business.

For those who are interested in understanding how print marketing affects a person’s brain as per recent studies, download this free e-book to learn more. Christopher Foster, VP of New Business Development at Modern Postcard even hosts a free webinar on this very topic.

Direct Mail in the Digital Age
Another hurdle marketers seem to have a hard time overcoming, is reaching millennials. This group is often seen as the first generation to come into adulthood with instant accessibility to information attained online, not to mention smartphones and social media. The assumption here is that they (and subsequent generations) have no interest in mediums such as direct mail and other traditional marketing tactics. This however, couldn’t be further from the truth. According to Statista, 82% of millennials view print advertisements as more trustworthy than digital marketing.

Direct Mail Statistics
The Direct Mail Statistics Guide has over 20 relevant statistics to consult. Download it for free and start your journey to uncover the truths about direct mail marketing. When ready to launch a campaign our Direct Marketing Specialists are standing by to help you.

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