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Focus on the Transformation and Get More Clients

When you think about talking with prospective clients about what you do, you may be tempted to tell them all about how you do what you do. But think about it — is that really what they want to know? Are they really interested in exactly what you do? In most cases, they aren’t.

In reality, they are a lot more interested in what you can actually do for them rather than how you do it. Your prospects are only concerned about how you can solve their problems in the least amount of time, with the least amount of effort and financial investment.

So HOW you address their needs shouldn’t be the focus of your conversations. Instead, you want to make sure that you always stress the results you create. Let them know how working with you can make a difference in their lives. Show genuine personal interest in them and keep the conversation focused on their needs — not you.

Here are a few simple tips to communicate the value of what you offer to prospective clients:

  1. What people really want is the transformation they get from working with you.
    When a prospect is considering hiring you, there are many factors weighing on their minds. They are thinking about the cost and the time involved, but most of all they are thinking about what outcome they will get from working with you. New clients need to hear about specific examples if they are to trust you. They want to know exactly when you’ve done what you claim you can do. These will involve your work getting fantastic results and solving the problems you described. Think about which stories would be the most appealing for prospects to hear about.
  2. Turn these into short compelling messages that highlight who your ideal client is, what problems you solve and the benefits/results clients enjoy when working with you.
    Think about the best success stories and the most important problems that you’ve solved. Based on feedback satisfied clients offered during their work with you and the pain points your target market is looking to address, put together a few quick, informative messages that tell people everything they need to know about what you can do for them. These messages should tell prospects specifically about the problems you can solve as well as who might need you to solve them.
  3. Use these compelling messages in ALL of your marketing materials.
    Now that you know clearly how to convey the value of what you do, be sure to do so at every opportunity. This means when you’re networking and speaking. You also want to highlight this in the copy on the back of your business cards and on your social media profiles (and your updates). Include this on your blog and write posts specifically about the problems you solve. Speaking about the transformation you create at every opportunity will highlight that you are focused on giving your clients what they want and what they need. Also, you’ll stand out from your colleagues who are focusing their marketing on processes and procedures.

Keep the focus on how you can help your clients transform their lives and you will attract a steady stream of people who are interested in your services. Focus on your methodology and your message may be cloudy. To keep the message simple, always stress the results and the transformation.


  1. Think about the problems that you solve. Those problem-solving results are what you need to focus on when talking about your business to potential buyers.
  2. Review your client success stories and choose the best examples to discuss when talking about your business. If these are references that your listeners can check out for themselves, they will do double duty for you.
  3. Keep ALL of your communications focused on the outcome you deliver. Talk about your methods only if you are asked about them. In some cases, they may be of interest to customers.


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