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Print Product Spotlight: How to Make an Impact with Booklets

When your marketing objective requires communicating many aspects of your business in a single print piece, then a booklet is an excellent option. But when faced with multiple pages of content, it can help to have some guidance to get started.

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Define the Purpose

Just like with any print marketing piece, putting a booklet together requires a clear vision and a focused direction. Start by locking down a core theme, such as:

  • New Business Intro – If your company is a new start-up or is about to open in a new area, a booklet is a great way to tell people who you are and what you offer.
  • Event Promotion – Break down all the fantastic reasons why people should attend from the tasty catering to the benefits they’ll gain.
  • Product Launch – Outline the benefits and features for prospective customers, and use the additional room to cover timelines and other details.
  • Brand or Service Catalogs – Sometimes customers aren’t aware of all the excellent products or services you have to offer. A booklet can help you cross-sell and up-sell in a stylish and professional way.
  • Portfolio Look Books – This is a favorite among photographers, artists, museums and galleries. Use the multiple pages to visually showcase your brand.
  • Quarterly Reports or Newsletters – Keep your business top-of-mind with key followers and send newsworthy information on a printed booklet.

Once you have chosen what the booklet will cover, it then helps to outline the experience for the reader.

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Plan the Journey

From postcards to brochures, a good mailer will reveal information in a calculated way known as responsive design.

This method helps guide the reader’s eye to the right information and helps pace how they read the content. With multiple pages, a booklet allows you to tease out information or have pages dedicated to creative brand statements and images.

Following direct marketing best practices, the booklet should start with a strong hook and add value as it goes, giving the reader more reasons to keep reading and finally take action.

Go Big on Visuals

One advantage of booklets is the visual impact available on multiple pages.

Since the copy can be spread out, you can dedicate entire pages to impactful images and headlines to help pace the content. It is also a great place to effectively use infographics, which allow you to display information in a compelling and interesting way.

Offer a Choice

Some recipients will grab and glance through the pages, while others will read cover-to-cover.

For skim-readers, it helps to incorporate a few specific design tactics. Include page numbers and a table of contents for easy navigation. Also, be sure that your most compelling information is displayed large, clear, and concise throughout.

With the remaining space, you can then add in extra content for those who want more detail. You can also include fun statements or design elements to reward those who give your booklet a more thorough look.

The Best of Both Worlds

Booklets are powerful ways to communicate with your audience while still presenting them with an offer to drive sales.

By pacing the content and designing it well, your booklet can be informative and easy to read no matter who it’s sent to. The more time you take to create a strong and effective mailer, the better the end result will be.

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