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HVAC Direct Mail Marketing

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Are you looking for HVAC direct mail marketing tips and support to get your business more customers and sales? Then look no further because you’ve come to the right place. The direct mail marketing experts at Modern Postcard can help you get the word out to your local community by helping you plan and create a direct mail marketing campaign to suit your specific needs. No matter where you’re at in your planning or execution, we’re here to help get your HVAC services campaign printed and mailed.

In this article, we’ll go over how to advertise your HVAC company and how to write direct mail marketing messages to get you noticed and stand out from the competition. We’ll also touch a bit about what companies use direct mail marketing and why it makes sense for them to do so, as well as how to get HVAC customers to respond to your mailing campaigns. So, let’s get started!

How to Advertise Your HVAC Company with HVAC Direct Mail Postcards

When you think about designing your HVAC direct mail postcards, there are a few things to keep in mind. And it’s not just about the look and feel of your card that matters, it’s equally important to think about what actual message will make customers respond to your advertisement. When thinking about copy, remember to bring to light what the benefits are for your customers versus simply highlighting all your accomplishments. The one question consumers ask is: What’s in it for ME? And that’s the question your postcard needs to answer.

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Headline & Bullet Points
Your headline is most likely the first thing someone will read, and we suggest you keep it simple. Get straight to the point. There’s no need to make the headline overly catchy. Most people glance at a postcard in the mail so you need to convey your message in a direct way.

Once you’ve decided on a headline, add a few bullet points to showcase your services. Keep in mind you don’t have to write down every single thing your company provides. Your bullet points should be short and concise. If you want to indicate more services, simply add “and more!” to your copy.

An important thing we want to mention about designing your postcard is to remember to add an offer. This can be a simple call-out on the front or back of the card. Perhaps you have a discount you want to advertise, or maybe you offer free consultations. If your offer is a free diagnostic or a free service call, by all means – mention it! Any little thing you can think of to set your business apart from everyone else will be a valuable thing to add to your postcard – and these are the very things that will get customers to respond to your mailing. Remember, in addition to setting your business apart, the primary purpose of an offer is to encourage action and give the recipient a reason to call!

Contact Information & Call-to-Action
When it comes to direct mail marketing for HVAC, it’s very important to specify which areas you service, and to include the best way to contact you, whether it’s via phone, through your website – or both. Your contact information should be easy to spot, and preferably next to a specific call-to-action. For example: Contact us for a free consultation today!

Logo & Images
Place your logo so that it’s clearly visible on a solid background with no other images or text close to it, as this will distract away from your brand. Make sure to use images on your postcard that are relevant to the services you are advertising. If it’s a residential postcard mailing, then use residential images so that people can relate along with products and service offerings that align. If however you’re marketing to commercial businesses, make sure the images relate to commercial buildings, services, and products.

Referrals & Testimonials
HVAC local direct mail marketing relies heavily on referrals and testimonials. When it comes to reviews, don’t count on customers to read about you strictly online. In fact, we strongly advise mail marketing for HVAC to include a testimonial on the actual postcard you’re mailing out. Depending on its length, you can add the testimonial on the front side of the card, or the back. As long as you have it includes, that’s the most important thing. People tend to rely on reviews to make a decision, so a good testimonial about your company goes a long way, and it may be the thing that sets you apart from the competition. Again, a postcard is the perfect way to deliver a strong review directly into the hands of someone who’s looking for your services!

If you’re not sure where to start and need help with design, copy, or coming up with a compelling offer, we’re just a click away!

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Now that you have a good idea of what you want your postcard to look like, the next question to ask is: What’s the target audience for HVAC? Well, we can help you with targeting your ideal customers by mailing to specific demographics in your local neighborhood, such as homeowners, household income and more, or you can mail to every household in specific zip codes based on where you want to advertise your services. There are many ways to target the best prospects with your mailings, and whether it’s B2C or B2B, we have access to lists that will help you narrow it all down. The more targeted your selection gets, the better your response and return on investment. By delivering your postcards to the best prospects likely to do business with you vs. hitting a broader, non-targeted list, you’ll save on printing and postage costs that would have been wasted on mailings sent to those unlikely to buy. Give us a call to inquire about lists and data, and how we’ll work with you to minimize the cost of your mailing campaign and optimize response! 800.959.8365

HVAC Local Direct Mail Marketing Targeting New Movers

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There are other ways to strategize about your target audience as well, and one of our favorite ways for businesses like yours is to mail postcards to new movers. The lists consist of consumers that have recently moved into a neighborhood and these lists are constantly refreshed. You can target by recency, home value, income, and more. These lists are ideal for HVAC companies because new movers are very likely to be in need of your services either right away, or down the road when a need or emergency occurs. Here are some interesting statistics about new homeowners that may help you see the value in targeting this audience:

  • Within the first 180 days, new homeowners spend nearly $10,000 on items for their new home
  • New residents typically develop 72 new business relationships within one year of moving
  • 69% of new movers agreed that they enjoy checking the mailbox for postal mail, and 80% of new movers redeem coupons from merchants before, during, and after the move

We’ve seen other industries use this strategy to mail to new movers, such as furnishings, cleaning services, plumbing, lawn care, local hardware and appliance stores, home security, electricians, franchises that have multiple locations, and other businesses that need to quickly get in front of these eager buyers.

So, no matter if you’re new to direct mail marketing, or you’re a pro at this proven marketing channel, let’s get in touch to see how Modern Postcard can amplify your business. Our Direct Marketing Consultants have years of experience. Give us a call to see how Modern Postcard can find ways to save you money and time on your direct mail campaigns.

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