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An Insider’s Glimpse into the Direct Mail Crash Course

Modern Postcard hosts numerous Direct Mail Crash Course (DMCC) seminars across the country. Keith Goodman, Modern’s VP of Corporate Solutions, offers successful strategies to help maximize the ROI of your direct marketing programs — and the attendees love it! That part we know. But there are some important facts you may not be aware of unless you have attended. Read on to learn some of the “surprises” DMCC Alumni have shared.

No Sales Pitch
Lots of companies host training seminars, but most amount to nothing more than a cleverly disguised sales pitch for their product or service. So it’s no wonder that our crash course attendees are genuinely and happily surprised that our seminar is a legit day of learning filled with best practice advice and real case studies of successful campaigns. At the very end of the presentation, we candidly say that we hope you choose Modern to handle your direct mail programs, but if you go with another vendor, no hard feelings. We just want professionals to be informed of the benefits that direct mail marketing can provide for their business.

Relevant for Rookies and Veterans Alike
Whether you are new to direct mail or just need a refresher and are looking for some innovative techniques, our Direct Mail Crash Course appeals to all. Keith covers the fundamentals as well as advanced list and data methods and the latest trends for integrating digital channels with your direct mail campaigns. There are numerous valuable takeaways regardless of your level of experience.

Direct Mail Training Isn’t Boring
Attendees are always surprised at how fast-paced and entertaining our seminar is. Keith has a knack for presenting the information in a relatable and yes, often hilariously funny, fashion. He’s constantly researching humorous (but relevant) anecdotes to sprinkle in with the content.

No Strings Attached to the $250 Offer
Direct Mail Crash Course attendees leave with a Modern Postcard voucher worth $250 towards their next project. What many are surprised to discover is that there is no minimum purchase required! If they want to use it for business cards, they can! We hope they’ll apply it towards a mailer that can generate new leads and sales, but it’s up the attendees how they want to spend that credit.

There are a number of new and escalating challenges in the world of advertising. And they all reveal a need, more than ever before, to break through the clutter and reach new customers. Attend Modern Postcard’s Direct Mail Crash Course to get powerful advice to drive new business.

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By Jeanine Norlin, Senior Marketing Manager, Modern Postcard

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