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Introducing the Direct Mail 101 Webinar

Many marketers ask: why use direct mail with all of the options in today’s marketing? But the more relevant question is: why do I still see direct mail everywhere I look? At Modern Postcard we know the answer, but it wouldn’t be enough just to tell you it’s because it works. That would be too easy.

With all the digital avenues a marketer can choose, direct mail sometimes falls off the radar and we think it’s unfortunate, but not just because we’re bias to direct mail, but rather when looking at the numbers the facts speak for themselves:

  • Direct mail response rates outperform digital by over 600%
  • Direct mail has an average $12 return for every $1 spent
  • $60 million was spent on direct mail in 2018, generating $770 billion
  • Direct mail has a read rate over 1,500% higher than online ads

As with so many things in this world, like milk and cookies or Netflix and your couch, so too is direct mail at its best when paired with another marketing channel, for example email.

Direct Mail 101 Webinar - Presented by Keith Goodman

We invite you to learn the ins and outs of direct mail and how you can use this medium to gain new customers, win back dormant accounts, and expand your market share. Sign up for our FREE Direct Mail 101 webinar, hosted by Keith Goodman, VP of Corporate Sales and Marketing at Modern Postcard.

For those who think direct mail is a thing of the past – sign up if you dare! You may just walk away with newfound knowledge to take your marketing to a new level. In all seriousness, we do come from a place of long-lasting expertise in this field. After all, we live and breathe direct mail and understand the science behind a successful print campaign. In this 45-minute webinar we’ll share real, hard facts with you on how to best take advantage of this medium to fit your specific business needs. Questions and participation are encouraged because we believe marketing is a collaborative and creative space.

And for those of you who are looking to up your direct mail game – welcome! We’re looking forward to hearing your direct mail experiences so far and where we can shine a light on the do’s and don’ts. All webinar participants will receive a special offer of $250 off a print project with Modern Postcard.

The industry experts at Modern Postcard have proudly produced more than 200,000 direct mail campaigns, printed nearly three billion postcards, and helped hundreds of thousands of businesses successfully produce nearly one million print and direct marketing campaigns. We’re looking forward to having you join us!

Call a Direct Marketing Specialist at 800.959.8365.

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