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Postcard Retargeting Best Practice #3 – Use Several Creatives

Use Several Creatives

This might seem too goofy, but thinking of your creative like the number of cats is a good way to remember how to think of using multiple creatives based on your website. It’s one of the top questions asked by customers. Based on your site, having more than one might be a great idea…but don’t have too many, or it will get confusing and dilute the program’s effectiveness.

Typically, especially if you’re in e-Commerce, most customers choose an Abandoned Cart, or a Product Page as a definite creative. Those visitors are showing clearer intent and interest by probing on a product, or almost purchasing in the cart.

Usually the other creative treatment is for visitors going to 2+ pages or some other filter for a general visitor. While these visitors are still showing strong intention for your service, they’re not as focused and clear in their interest as the ones visiting Product or Cart pages.

Some brands in Services, B2B, or Organizations don’t need several creatives. Usually the single message is good enough to convey their story and a strong call to action.

Here’s How It Works

Our system aligns a specific creative treatment (20% off discount) to URLs (web pages), so you can have more relevancy with your message, imagery, and offer. When you assign a specific URL or different pages to a single creative, and make that the priority, the web visitor going to those targeted pages will receive that card – even if they visit other pages, too.

Here’s a good example:

Our client has auto accessories specific to car brands, so they align the creative of the car brand to which pages the user visits. Makes sense, and is completely relevant and intuitive.

The visitors going to the “Corvette” page will get the Corvette card. Natural.

Match Creatives to Web Pages

If you have different products or brands that deserve their own treatment, it makes sense to have different creatives. Think of it like different digital retargeting ads going out for different pages that are visited by your customer.

However, our recommendation is to keep it simple at first. Have a few pages that are your top-draw with traffic, and if they’re different enough, set up different creatives for those pages. If not, then start with a single card first. You can always add (or subtract) creatives on a weekly basis. You can even change the creative for the same set of pages, based on seasonal offers or messages. It’s an extremely flexible system.

We’ve seen lots of success with a single creative for visitors. We’ve also seen success when a product or abandoned cart visitor is targeted with a more aggressive offer. Our team can help with that determination.

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