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Postcard Retargeting Best Practice #5 – Plan the Layout

Best Practice #5 - Plan the layout

We saved the most important best practice for last!

One of the advantages of postcards is its versatility as a marketing tool, and the layout plays an important role in whether it will grab your reader’s attention or not.

Retargeting your website visitors with a postcard is a revolutionary marketing tactic that will help you reengage lost website visitors and move them to the next step in the sales cycle.

Check out this case study that goes over how one client saw results with their program.

Engage Recipients with Both Sides of the Postcard

Imagine your visitor at home sorting through their mail a few days after they visited your website, and then flipping up your card. S/he will physically put it in a “keep” or “toss” pile. If it’s kept, it lands on the kitchen table, fridge, or next to the computer as a reminder.

The recipient won’t stop what they’re doing to immediately respond to the card. But that’s okay. Design it so both sides of the card engages the reader. Beyond using the same copy on the website, write a message that tells more of your story and clearly tells them what to do next.

10 Checklist Items To Help You Create An Effective Layout

  1. Write an Enticing Headline
    Headlines are meant to grab attention, address pain points, or quickly convey the story you’re telling. Keep them short, easy to read and relevant to your audience.
  2. Use a Supportive Subhead
    Subheads play alongside the main headline, helping to communicate and convince. Use them within your design to organize thoughts and label different blocks of content – a relief for prospects’ scanning eyes!
  3. Go Big on Imagery
    In the mailbox, first impressions are everything. Images and colors register before messaging, so keep graphics bold, unique or crowd-pleasing.
  4. Have a Clear Call To Action
    Strong offers and direction help customers feel valued and motivated to take action. From redeeming physical coupons or online codes to calling a phone number, tell the recipient what you want them to do next.
  5. Brand Your Design
    Prominently display your logo, and use matching typography, color, and style, so every recipient can clearly identify and remember your business – especially when it’s time to get in touch or redeem an offer. Brand recognition is another bonus to direct mail.
  6. Plan the layout
    Structure your story so it gets told across both sides of the card. Your visitor will most likely see the addressable side first, which is how the USPS sorts the mail. Make the message and offer clear so they immediately recognize who it’s from and the message you want to tell them
  7. Include Testimonials
    Remind visitors that other customers find joy in your product.
  8. Keep Contact Info Clear
    Giving prospects the right directions to respond is critical to your campaign’s success. Contact information should stand out and is typically placed near the offer and Call-to-Action.
  9. Include a Great Offer
    Include a hard-to-refuse offer on both the front and back side of the postcard. Remember, the recipient will likely go to your website with offer in hand, and see discrepancies in offers that may be online versus the one they received. Decide whether you want the offer on the card to compliment or compete with your website promotions.
  10. Finally and Super Important, Meet Postal Regulations
    No matter what size postcard or mail format is used, it must meet USPS® postal regulations to ensure your mailer is addressed properly and is deliverable. Modern can help ensure your layout is set up correctly so your postcard is mail-ready and delivered.


  • Keep copy brief so your mailer is easy to scan, read and process
  • Understand that shock-value images or verbiage only work if they are relevant
  • Lead with benefits over features – what will customers gain by working with your business?
  • Add an offer expiration date to create a sense of urgency
  • Try A/B testing to see what design or messaging factors produce the best response, then make refinements to future campaigns

Be sure to download our free guide below on how to design an effective Retargeting Postcard that drives response.

Designing your card

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