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Quantity Versus Quality

I recently had shenanigans going on at my house — dog siblings getting so wound up that everyday play began to quickly escalate into near riots. Vases broken, mail shredded, dog beds decimated.

Because yelling “No!” and “Knock it off, you guys!!” every five seconds proved wildly ineffective, I found a dog trainer to come to my house. Our first meeting was very enlightening and I was very interested in her services. I asked for her business card, and she handed me a postcard.

Without thinking, I said, “Oh, wow.”

Her, “Yeah. It’s a mess, but I really didn’t know what I was doing. I just made it really quick online and clicked the order button.”

Me, “There are five different fonts, and all the colors of the rainbow on here.”

Her, “I know. I wanted it to pop. They came out terrible, and I have at least 9,000 more in my garage.”

Me, “Why?”

Her, “Because the price for 10,000 was so cheap.”

So, whether you’re a global company or one-person show, stop and think before you invest in marketing materials for your business. Getting a huge quantity for cheap can certainly be alluring. But developing a high quality piece with the right marketing partner will help you look your best and win new customers.

Quantity or quality. It’s your choice.

By Modern Postcard

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