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Sell an Experience, Not Just Stuff

If your product is the only thing that you think you’re selling, you’re missing more than just the mark. You’re missing clients and revenue dollars.

Great businesses have realized for quite some time the key to selling a product is not necessarily how unique and distinctive it is, but rather how consumers feel when making the purchase.

It is literally the experience that matters.

Experience changes the way consumers feel about their purchases. If they’re just buying “stuff”, they can be quickly disappointed, often leading to buyer’s remorse. But, recent research has found that consumers who buy with an experience are exponentially happier and far less likely to be dissatisfied with their purchase.

Depending on the experience created, the consumers can be motivated to be even more generous with their spending dollars.

Creating a strong experience with little expense can be simple. A store looking to attract more buyers during the busy holiday season can easily light a cinnamon candle or have fresh cider simmering in the shop. The strong olfactory sense will draw consumers in while comforting holiday scents will encourage them to make blissful purchases in the shop.

Evoking emotion in your brand is worth the effort, creating a memorable and profitable return.

By Modern Postcard

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