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The Most Complete Direct Mail Guide Just Released

Modern Postcard is excited to announce the release of our comprehensive Direct Mail Guide!

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Our guide is meant to serve as an exhaustive source of knowledge on direct mail marketing, covering a myriad of relevant tips, informative details, and thoughtful perspectives. We’ll discuss the reasons why you should leverage direct mail to engage your target market, and provide abundant information on how to execute it effectively.

What You’ll Find in Our Guide to Direct Mail Marketing

We’ve created our Direct Mail Marketing Guide to be unlike any other guide on the internet. With 7 chapters full of information, expertise, and tips, you’ll be ready to launch your own Direct Mail Marketing campaign. You’ll also have a keen sense of ways in which a Direct Mail professional can help.

In the first chapter, we’ll embark on a thorough discussion of the strategy and planning that underline a successful direct mail marketing campaign. We’ll look at email marketing vs. direct mail stats to help you to better understand why direct mail can be such a powerful tool.

The second chapter examines the details of direct mailing lists. We’ll unravel

  • how these lists are gathered
  • how their upkeep is handled (hygiene)
  • how they contribute to customer profiling
  • how lists can be augmented to accurately aim at a specific customer demographic for your business.

Chapter 3 is dedicated to breaking down the budgeting and costing related to a Direct Mail campaign. We’ll offer valuable insights and details about how to estimate your direct mail price and offer tips for integrating direct mail marketing into your overarching marketing plan. Finally, we’ll explore how to measure your return on investment.

The fourth chapter zeroes in on elevating your direct mail response rate. We’ll scrutinize how to pinpoint the appropriate message, the most enticing offer, and the most compelling call to action for your direct mail marketing initiatives.

In Chapter 5, we zoom in on direct mail formats. The method of formatting a mail piece involves both scientific precision and artistic flair that nudges your recipient towards action. We’ll share our expertise with you.

Chapter 6 is specially crafted to help you comprehend the best practices in direct mail design. We’ll assist you in honing your graphic design, circumventing common mistakes, and ensuring your product or service offering resonates with your audience.

And finally, Chapter 7 embarks on a journey into the most recent tech advancements and innovations in direct mail marketing. From direct mail retargeting to blending digital marketing with physical mail campaigns, we’ll guide you through the evolving landscape of direct mail. We’ll also delve into the world of direct mail marketing stats and data, from data-propelled, trigger-based mailing programs to sophisticated data analytics.

As we said, we aimed to create the most complete direct mail guide available. See for yourself.


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