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How to Use Direct Mail to Fill Your Business with Ideal Clients

How do you use Direct Mail Marketing to attract the ideal client for your business? Follow these easy steps to wield your way through a pack of prospects and wind up with a selection of clients you love to work with.

Let’s be real about this. To have a successful business, you need to have clients — so why not make it your goal to attract the ideal client? Clients, like everyone else in your life, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are great to work with, while others – well, not so much. Those “less than ideal” clients can cost you time and money, not to mention a healthy chunk of your sanity. So rather than struggling to ‘fit a square peg in a round hole’, it makes much more sense to focus your marketing efforts on attracting clients who will allow you to do your best work and for whom you can create the best results.

Here are four easy steps to use direct mail to attract a flood of ideal clients to your business:

Step One: Know What You’re Looking For

It’s easy enough to know that you want the “ideal client” for your business. After all, why would you want anything less? An ideal client is one with whom you do your best work with, who values your expertise, has no problem making the investment in your products and services, and does their part to make the relationship successful. Before you can attract the ideal client, you need to have a clear idea of who this individual is. You can’t effectively market to everyone, so you need to narrow down your options to ONE specific individual. This enables you to cater your solutions to solving specific problems this person is facing. Then choose your list of prospects based on this exact profile, so you have the best chance of converting them to leads.

Step Two: Know What EXACTLY You Can Do For Them

There’s a no-fail formula for success: Doing what you love to do while you meet your clients’ wants and needs in a way that solves their pressing problems. As a business owner you want to focus on using your talents to make a difference in the lives of your clients. Your clients want benefits and results. At the end of the day, what is it you can really do for them? Why should your clients choose to work with YOU? Once you’re clear on this, be sure to communicate this in your direct mail pieces and in conversations with prospects.

Step Three: Speak to What THEY Want

Aim to connect strategically with your direct mail campaigns. The goal is for the recipient of your mail piece to connect immediately with your postcard and respond to you. You want to develop a relationship that leads to trust and connection, where you get to know their needs and how best to meet them. The more you speak to their needs and desires, the easier it is to make that connection. It’s all about becoming the ‘go-to’ resource your prospects know, like and trust. You want to be top of mind when they are ready to engage the services you have to offer.

Step Four: Make It Easy For Them To Say Yes

You’ve got your mail piece in your ideal prospect’s hand. Don’t make them jump through hoops to take the next step with you. Be sure to include a clear and SIMPLE call to action. That means they should call one phone number. Click on ONE web link. Send an email to ONE email address. Don’t confuse them with too many steps. Just give them ONE action to take. And when the prospect takes that action, give them EXACTLY what you promised. You’ll build credibility and make it easy for them to move through your sales process. Make it easy for them to say “yes” and they will!

Every small business has unique criteria as to who is an ideal client. It’s important that you set aside time to clarify the details of YOUR ideal client profile, BEFORE you launch your next direct mail campaign. This is a critical, but often overlooked step, that will ensure that your message gets into the hands of the right people and you don’t waste valuable marketing dollars.

You can’t and shouldn’t market your offerings to everyone. Instead, narrow down your target market to a single ideal individual and customize your campaign strategy to fit that ONE person. You’ll wind up with a campaign that is more cost effective, gets better results and makes you more money.

Sydni Craig Hart Sydni Craig-Hart, The Smart Simple Marketing Coach, is founder of Known for her easy, strategic and results-focused approach to marketing, she also has the unique ability to find untapped profit centers in her client’s businesses so they can create money NOW. Visit for your FREE kit, “5 Simple Steps to More Clients, More Visibility and More Freedom” and apply for a FREE “Profit Breakthrough” strategy session with Sydni!

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