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USPS News: Make Better Impressions with Informed Delivery Service

Are you looking for a way to increase your marketing footprint with relatively little effort? Look no further! Since April, the USPS® has been testing a service called Informed Delivery, and they recently made some improvements. The newly released (and revamped) service now includes some useful features that can easily turn a direct mail campaign into a multichannel effort, increasing impressions and adding interactive content.

If you are new to the Informed Delivery program, the basic concept is that it enables residential consumers to view their mail electronically via email or a dashboard while it is en route. This not only allows recipients to anticipate mail arriving, but they can also easily archive digital copies of mail, view mail when traveling and respond to offers sooner.

Initial versions of the program delivered grayscale, scanned previews of incoming mail to recipients. These lackluster previews left a lot of room for improvement, and the USPS recognized it. So, the new version of Informed Delivery allows marketers to submit colored previews and supplemental content to replace the former grayscale scans. This means that marketers can control the preview of content clients will see, plus they can add a clickable call to action to drive them to a website, unique landing page and more. With these improvements, recipients can act on offers directly from the emailed preview, before mail even hits their physical mailboxes.

Key Benefits of Informed Delivery:

  • Boasts an email open rate that is more than twice the industry average
  • Generates multiple impressions for a single campaign
  • Drives increased response rates
  • Allows marketers to reach consumers digitally simply by knowing their physical address

The Stats
Over 5 million Americans have already subscribed to this service, with up to 10,000 new subscribers signing up every day, so marketers should have an active and engaged audience to work with. Initial feedback from households participating in the USPS test is positive, with a 91% satisfaction rate. Nine out of 10 participants say they would recommend Informed Delivery to friends, family or colleagues.

Due to its positive reviews and marketing potential, our team at Modern Postcard is excited to initiate a testing phase with the USPS and Informed Delivery. If you are a B2C marketer who is planning a campaign with us and would be interested in participating in this test program, email for more details.

For more information on Informed Delivery, visit the USPS site or contact one of our Direct Marketing Specialists.

By Modern Postcard

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