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Direct Mail for Retail Marketing: 5 Ways to Drive Foot Traffic

As anyone in retail knows, getting foot traffic in the door is the best way to generate revenue. This, then, should be the target for retail marketing.

With the explosion in digital marketing, many people wonder if retail direct mail still works to get folks in. The simple answer is that, when it is done correctly and optimized for retail, direct mail marketing can absolutely drive foot traffic. 

To help you create a direct mail-centered retail marketing campaign, here are 5 tips that we have seen generate excellent results.

A graphic depiction of growth from direct mail marketing

Offer Incentives and Discounts

Everyone loves a great deal. And it can work even better when that deal feels a little bit exclusive. Include a coupon, special offer, or discount in your retail direct mail marketing campaign to incentivize recipients to visit your store. Make sure the offer is clear, specific, and has a limited time frame to increase urgency.

Remember all of the things that make direct mail special. As Small Business Trends explains “With so much email in your customers’ in-boxes, physical mail can really stand out—just use it sparingly. A postcard a few times a year with a special offer will get attention.”

Host Promotions and Events

Events can be a powerful part of a marketing strategy. Use direct mail marketing to promote in-store events or sales. This can generate buzz and excitement, and encourage people to come to your physical store to see what’s going on. And once they are there, you can wow them with an incredible shopping experience, and keep them coming back for more.

Personalize and Customize

Make your direct mail piece personal and relevant to the recipient. Use their name, incorporate their previous purchases, or include information about their location to make the piece more appealing and targeted. You can also make your mailer a unique size, incorporate phenomenal design, or find new ways to motivate your target audience. 

Integrate with Other Marketing Channels

Leverage the power of direct mail by integrating it with other marketing channels such as email, social media, or online ads. This will help you reach a wider audience and increase the impact of your marketing efforts. 

Consider including a QR code that links your recipient to a landing page. Perhaps a special perk for joining your newsletter mailing list. In addition to a physical call to action (to visit your store), digital integration can increase your return on investment.

Measure Success and Optimize

Data-driven marketing campaigns are vital to retail stores. Think of ways to help you know if the mailing worked. Track the results of your direct mail campaign by using unique promo codes or tracking the number of in-store visits generated from your direct mail piece. Use the data you gather to improve future campaigns and make more informed decisions.

As you can see, direct mail can be a vital part of retail marketing. 

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