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Why Booklets are Hot + 3 Tested Methods for Standing Out in the Mail

Orange may be the new black, but Booklets – dare we say – may be the new Postcards! With orders spiking the last few years, it’s no surprise Booklets are a hot commodity with their versatility and super-sized design space. We’ll go into more detail below. Plus, if you’re looking to shake-up your direct marketing mix, be sure to read our trifecta of tested methods, for products and treatments that demand response and stand out in the mail.

Hot Product: Booklets

On high demand over the last few years, Booklets are currently our fastest growing product line. Modern’s Booklets are a smart choice for customers wanting to showcase products, services, portfolios, company information and more – with plenty of space for compelling copy and photography. Sizes range from 5″x7″ to 8.5″x11″ to custom, plus there’s plenty of add-ons for creating a one-of-a-kind piece. Modern is able to offer more than competitors with economical pricing, amazing paper quality and superior color reproduction. Booklets are also mailable – in fact, we mail about 25% of all booklet orders.

If you’re not quite ready for custom sizing, but looking for a unique shape, check out our adorably portable Square Booklets, like the 8″x8″ or 6″x6″, or the popular 6″x11″ Sumo Booklet.

Why Booklets are Hot + 3 Tested Methods for Standing Out in the Mail

3 Tested Methods for Standing Out in the Mail

From our research, here’s some real results from different direct mail products and methods we’ve tested that have warranted the best response:

  • If you’re using a folded card, choose a panoramic version as we’ve seen them get a better response
  • If you’re thinking of adding a coupon or offer, try adding a folded, perforated tear-off to the side of your mailer – we’ve seen these perform well
  • If you’re thinking about special treatments like spot coating, we’ve compared the same design on two cards (one with spot coating, one without), and spot coating was the attention-grabbing winner

By Jessica Biondo, Marketing Communications Associate, Modern Postcard

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