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Your Ad Campaign. Does It Have Legs?

Coming up with an idea for an advertising campaign is no easy feat. You have to take into consideration your objectives, your competition, the marketplace, your target audience – the list goes on. You have to weave humor (or lack of) together with features, benefits and strong visuals.

Let’s say, against all odds, an idea emerges. An awesome idea that you and your team love. Now comes the toughest question you must answer before moving ahead with copy and design: does it have legs?

A campaign typically doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It needs to translate across various platforms – print, Direct Mail, digital, radio, TV. Does your concept work in whatever media you’re using?

A campaign typically isn’t a one and done deal. You need to be able to replicate the original idea in a fresh way over the span of your campaign – this could be months, even years. Each piece needs to build on each other to create awareness of your brand, keep your company top of mind.

Think about Absolut Vodka advertising.

Check out Dos Equis and their “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign.

How about those “I’m a Mac” ads?

And of course, “Just do it.” Always and forever Nike.

These campaigns started with single idea that was replicated across media and over time. They create recognition. They make the brand, even the product iconic. And they make money.

All of these campaigns have legs. Does yours?

By Modern Postcard

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