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Changing or Updating Creative


One of the benefits of this program is you can adjust creative to optimize performance or for purposes such as seasonal promotions or to introduce new products. The swap out of the creative can be done while a program is actively mailing. We don’t recommend pausing a program to wait for new creative because the system is unable to collect or retrieve addresses for visitors while a program is paused. 

Given this flexibility we caution against changing creative too frequently. Not only does it generate extra work for you and your client, it can have a negative impact on results while making those results more difficult to measure. 

Direct mail has a longer “shelf life” than digital channels. A recipient can easily hold onto a postcard for future use, especially if there is a compelling offer but they are not ready to buy right away. This means you need at least a 30-60 day attribution window for each card mailed, and possibly longer for products or services that take people longer to make a purchase decision on such as buying a new car or a kitchen remodel.  

If the life of a creative is so short that the last recipients don’t have enough time to decide, it can have a negative impact on your program’s results. Similarly, you may not have enough time to obtain a good measure of results before switching to a new creative, or enough volume to see statistically significant results. 

Here are some scenarios where we advise against changing creatives too frequently: 

  • Trying to align with constantly changing corporate offers. That usually creates problems in terms of logistics, tracking results, and customer service calls for expired offers. Try to think of an evergreen offer that you can test over a longer period of time. 
  • Promoting an event with the retargeting can be effective but if it’s a frequently reoccurring event consider listing multiple event dates on one creative and running it for a longer period of time. You’ll want to stop mailing a creative about 10 prior to an event day, or potentially sooner of it’s an event people will need to make travel plans for. 
  • Just because you can. While it’s a useful feature, changing creatives without it being part of a specific plan to maximize your retargeting results will typically generate lower results and hinder your ability to determine what recipients respond to best. 

To submit new Creative, go to the 
Support tab on your agency’s dashboard, and click on the Upload Files button. Drag and drop the files and then click the Upload button. Please include the client’s Company Name in the file name. 

Once the file has gone through preflight review, we will send a notification that the proof is ready for your approval in the dashboard, on the Campaign page under the Creatives tab on the left. Review the proof and then click on the Approve button at the bottom.