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Conversion URLs


Most businesses have some kind of conversion page that occurs when a specific, desired action is completed. This could be the /thank-you or /confirmation page after an eCommerce checkout experience. Or, it could be a /thank-you page after a lead form is filled out. When a visitor hits this page, they’ve reached the end of their online journey. They are identified as converted and are no longer eligible to be sent a card. 

If your client has a conversion page URL, we will need that from you before we begin the program. This does two things:

  • The system automatically suppresses mailing to anyone who has viewed that page.
  • The system also uses the conversion URL to measure online performance by counting users we’ve mailed a card to, who then returned to the site and reached that conversion page. More about this topic is in the Performance section.

If the conversion action is not trackable by a specific URL, or if a website has more than one type of conversion event to track, please see
Other Conversion Events.