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Other Conversion Events

Some businesses may have more than one online conversion event they wish to track and/or the conversion event(s) cannot be identified with a specific URL. This may be multiple conversion URLs or form completions that do not result in a URL change.

For sites where the conversion event is not trackable by a URL change, or when multiple conversion URLs don’t contain the same pattern, the additional script below can be placed in your site code at the point of the additional conversion event(s).

<script type=”text/javascript”>
       “undefined” !== typeof MGX_DATA && MGX_DATA.push({Label:’CheckoutComplete’});

At the point(s) in your site when a visitor triggers the conversion script it will do two things (just like the Conversion URL):

  1. Exclude that visitor from being sent a card for the life of your program.
  2. Tally conversions on your dashboard for visitors who were mailed a card and returned to your website and completed a conversion action between 2-60 days after their card was mailed.

Important: This script should not be used solely for the purposes of exclusion because it will skew your online performance metrics.

Ecommerce platforms that embed a unique identifier in the Conversion URL do not need to use the additional conversion script. For these scenarios, we simply input the portion of the Conversion URL that indicates the visitor has reached the conversion page, such as /thank_you or /order-confirmed.

Download these instructions and the script for your client: Additional Conversion Script.