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Measurement techniques

Attribution will always be an important part of the channel, and as a marketer you know there are many factors in determining success. Bascially, your customer needs to feel confident that the program working. So before a program begins, you should know the estimated cost-per-acquisition needed to make this a success, and how to arrive at that number. Simply put, you’re measuring the number of customers associated with the mailing. Here are the ways we recommend:

Online Conversion Tracking on Modern iO Dashboard:
This is the most accurate measurement because the return to the Conversion URL shows the actual purchase or action taken. The dashboard shows these numbers only for visitors who were mailed a card.

Matchback Analysis:
You send us a file of your purchase or lead data, and then we match that file to the addresses of all the cards sent.

However, there are situations where we may not be able to match to a conversion. This happens because:

  • Your customer may have provided an address that is different than the address we sent the card to – like a gift, or a different billing and shipping address, etc.
  • Your customer data might have business addresses, and because we mail into consumer homes, the addresses won’t match.

Note: Matchback analysis is included FREE with your program.


Promo Codes:
Between competing offers available via email, your subscribe pop-ups, coupon sites, other online channels, and even offers on your site, relying on the promo code used at the time of purchase as the sole measure of success can prove to be unreliable. Of course, we all know some customers make purchases without using a code at all. Most catalog marketers state that less than half of printed promo codes are redeemed from actual responders or buyers.

Call Tracking:
Using a 3rd party call tracking number is a good way to track calls that connect to a specific creative or offer. However, usual online shopping behavior results in visitors going back to your website directly or via Google search, which won’t show the unique tracking number on the card.

Landing Pages:
Using Landing Pages won’t hurt, but it will do little to nothing in terms of measuring success. The normal website behavior is just to go back to your website, without using a specific page name. Very few consumers will ever type in a URL we want them to.

If you do have a landing page, we’d recommend adding a QR code as well for easier access. They can provide some help and won’t hurt, but also shouldn’t be used as a performance metric.

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