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Performance Trends by Business Type


We consistently review performance for all Modern iO Direct Mail Retargeting programs. We have seen trends emerge for different business types. We can tell whether or not a program’s Return-to-Site and Conversion Rates are below, within, or above normal ranges. This helps us communicate expectations with the client and, if needed, provide recommendations to increase performance.

We first look at the Return-To-Site-Rate, which is a key metric of measuring how many people on the mail file return back to the website. The importance of the conversion rate depends on your Conversion Event and how you measure that.

Here’s what we’ve seen for the different business types:

Consumer Retail:

  • Return-to-site rates average between 8% and 20%
  • Conversion rates are usually from 1% up to and 3% and more

Higher-end luxury goods like jewelry, designer apparel, and recreational vehicles trend toward the lower end of the averages, whereas lower-priced products like health & beauty and CBD will often exceed those averages. The recommended approach is to look at ROAS (especially Lifetime Value) whenever possible.

Consumer Services:

  • Return-to-site rates average between 5% and 20%
  • Conversion rates average from 0.3% up to 1.5%, depending on the kind of form-fill event

Example from Pavers, FinTech, etc.

B2B Goods and Services:

  • Return-to-site rates average between 5% and 10%
  • Conversion rates aren’t the key indicator of performance, due to form-fills or other means to contact

Example from GreenRope, RingCentral, etc.


  • Return-to-site rates average between 5% and 15%
  • Conversion rates aren’t the key indicator of performance unless there are enrollment forms

Example from Schools