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Performance for This Channel


This channel is all about performance. It should be considered as part of your client’s acquisition programs (both new and reactivated customers) because they’re driving lost website visitors back to the desired action (online purchase, lead form, phone call, etc.). This section goes into details about how our system measures performance and how we help you manage and optimize your clients’ programs.

The most successful and long-running programs typically include regularly-scheduled calls with the client to review performance. We’ve learned that being proactive in reaching out to clients gives them the confidence that the program is working and effective. Or, if the program is under-performing, you’ll want to be transparent and get ahead of changes or modifications needed to make the program more successful.

Discussions about attribution are inevitable, and there are always variables for tracking the performance of any marketing effort. Each channel has a bit of noise and influence on every other channel. So to prepare for this conversation with the client, it’s important for you to understand how we show the best overall view of performance.