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General Start-Up Questions

Is this better than other marketing/retargeting?
We believe it augments other programs and has a different purpose. Postcards have a 100% Open Rate, and these are geared to drive response. Other digital retargeting usually drives users to a landing page or another form or website. This is a more direct, physical touch, with a more direct action and outcome.

Can I just test this out first, or do I have to commit to a certain amount or timeframe?
We recommend firstly that you and your client think of it as ongoing marketing. Most SEO contracts or Digital Marketing program are expected to go for at least 6 months, and this is no different. That being noted, if you do want to set up a test, we advise you go for time versus budget. We’ve found that when clients opt for a 90-day test (versus a $10,000 budget), they then see the results and keep it as an ongoing program.

What are the steps and timeframe to get set up?
All-in, we can get you up and running in about two weeks. This depends on how quickly you want to put the tag on and how the creative is developed.

What do you recommend to make the program successful at the start?
First, have a great offer. Remember, these are visitors to your site that have already expressed an interest in your product and services. Most retargeting Facebook ads have an offer that hooks, and this should be no different. A great offer and strong call to action that makes it easy to respond is key.

Do you have examples of other companies that are in my space/category?
While we can’t share actual results from other clients, we can speak to examples on most every business category, from Direct-to-Consumer Retail and Services, B2B, and Organizations. And, we have experience in dozens of industries within those categories, from roofing, FinTech, community colleges, software, eCommerce, CBD, you name it.