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Tag and Traffic


How do you get the mailing addresses? Is this done by IP Address matching?
Our methodology to match mailable addresses is actually more reliable than using IP matching. Ours is a sophisticated, proprietary, cookie-based approach that tags individual devices to a network of online subscription data.

How many cards/day are actually mailed?
This absolutely depends on the traffic and actual match rate to mailable addresses, which averages about 30% up to 50%. For example, if you average about 10,000 unique visits/month, it’s a max volume of about 100 to 150 cards/day. The actual amount per day will be less than your max volume, because targeting paramaters will refine and focus the card volume on the most intent visitors.

What if my traffic and mailing volume changes?
If the daily flow fluctuates up or down, that’s no problem. We designed this for optimum flexibility: you control the budget. It’s up to you how many cards you want to send, and how you want to ramp up or down the weekly volume. You can start with 25, 50, 100 cards/day, etc., and then adjust as you see the program perform.

Why can’t you match all of my website visitors?
Based on the available data and network, there simply might be website visitors who don’t have some kind of online subscription that matches up to collect a mailable address. However, each mailable address we do find is incremental to what’s been possible before.