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Daily Mailings and Caps


What is the minimum number of cards you can send?
Technically, there are no minimums. We’ve done programs where clients are sending 5 cards per day. For your clients, we would recommend self-regulating who would benefit from the program. Your threshold should be about 25 cards per day, which is probably a minimum of 5,000 unique visitors a month. You can read more about that in Best Fit Opportunities

Can I set a cap on how many cards I send?
You bet. Like Google AdWords or Facebook Ads, you can set a cap on the weekly budget. In those cases, we have a ‘not to exceed’ limit with the daily or monthly mailings. Some clients who set a monthly cap might hit that limit before the 30-days, and for those programs, we don’t send any cards the last several days until the next month comes up. The problem with that approach is that they miss the opportunities for those days.

What if my traffic and mail volume goes up and down seasonally?
That’s fine. As an agency you have a set price per piece for the cards, so we will mail what’s available based on the traffic and targeting. Some days we might send 25 cards, others 40 cards. If you need to adjust any caps put in place, we can do that, too. You might have a limit during the summer months, and move that limit up during the holidays, and that’s fine. We’re flexible and just need a week’s notice to re-set the system and parameters.