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What do you mean by a “reasonable targeting approach”?
This is a phrase we use to help guide agencies and clients on what targeting parameters to include. Over-complicating a program with too many creatives often don’t yield material results, and conversely, a single card going to all visitors of every page might not be the ideal solution, either. We take into consideration the addressable opportunity, your business, and the variety of products or messages that would work and be helpful.

Are you matching and targeting only CRM leads coming to the website?
The program is designed to remarket to website visitors who leave have never filled out any forms. These are your unknown web visitors. Studies indicate that about 97% of web visitors don’t convert. This program is ideal to reach those visitors. So all these mailable addresses and subsequent conversions are incremental touches. These might be your CRM leads, but we don’t distinguish those leads or existing customers from new visitors, unless you want to submit a suppression list.

Can I block the mailing from going to my CRM leads or existing customer list?
You bet. It’s a suppression list. If you have a database you’d like to suppress from, just send it to us and we’ll suppress against your existing customer/lead list.

Can you supress a mailing someone who visited the site last week?
You bet. That’s another suppression list. We can set a threshold of what you want to shield – visitors who came 2 weeks ago, one month ago, etc. Typically, customers ask to not mail to visitors who came within the past 30 days. But it’s up to you.

Can I filter on Demographic parameters such as age, income, and gender?
We cannot target on those attributes. However, if your website has men’s or women’s lines of products, and the URL structure supports those, we can set up targeting based on those URL pages. Example: if you have /womens-shoes, /womens-shorts, etc., we can target anyone going to /womens as the parameter, meaning any page that has /womens in its structure would trigger a card.

Can I send a card to people who go to multiple pages as a pattern?
We cannot send to specific targets who visit one page AND another. The targeting logic is best described as an OR model. We can distinguish a visitor visiting one page OR another, and assign a specific creative that way. This gets into assigning priorities for the creative and the pages visited.

Can I target by time on site?
No, and that’s a good thing. Many visitors will open up many tabs on their browser, and so ‘time on site’ can be misleading. In addition, there are too many options and targeting issues if we capped time on site or pages. That would overcomplicate the program without producing proportionate results.

Can I target different locations with my franchise and have different phone numbers based on where visitors are?
That’s not really a good idea. The reason is we cannot assume that a single visitor will only go to a specific area. In addition, the over-complication of creative results in delays and possible mis-targeting. Our recommendation is to have a single creative for multiple locations, and use Zip Code based Geographic Targeting for where you want the mailings to land.

Do I need multiple tags for different sites, landing pages, or domains?
If your client has different sites, domains or landing pages, please contact us. These are usually more complex scenarios and require very custom solutions.