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Creative and Response Rates


Can I send different creative based on the page my visitor goes to?
Yep. We have clients with a campaign of 4-5 card designs, each one specific to a page on the website. If you have a couple of product lines or brands you market, we recommend that you have different creative for those pages.

When does it make sense to do multiple creatives?
It makes sense when there is a definite benefit to the business to have materially different messages based on the pages visited. The best example is usually when eCommerce businesses choose an Abandoned Cart card and a best-selling product card. For B2B, we usually don’t recommend different creative, since so often the message is going to be similar enough. This is tied into the Reasonable Targeting Approach, and finding the right balance of setting specific paramaters while not over-complicating a program.

So I have different pages my customers visit. Can I prioritize which card is sent so they don’t get two different cards or a card representing the last page they visited?
Of course! You decide the priority of the page and related creative. So if you sell ties, socks and belts, and you want to push the ties, then that’s the card your user receives, even if they visit all three pages.

What response rate will I get?
Each campaign and business type is different, and a lot of the response rates relies on the offer, call to action, and messaging. We’ve seen response rates range from 2% to as high as 4% and 5%, and ROAS around 2x to 3x, with some programs garnering an even higher return. You can learn more in Selling for Long Term Success.

How are you tracking response rates?
We track return-to-site visitors and conversions via our online dashboard, and we also perform matchback analysis for you 45 and 90 days from the launch of the program. Learn all about our Measurement Techniques.