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Regulations and Privacy


Are there any sites or businesses that are prohibited from this program? 
The rules around medical device, health, and related sites are a grey area, pending the business and the conditions. Copy should focus on generalities of the condition, not specific to a recipient’s specific medical issue –  we can’t insinuate that someone has a specific medical condition. In addition, we can also replace the actual name on the postcard with “Current Resident” if that concerns your client. For businesses like CBD, normal USPS regulations apply.

Who owns the actual list of website visitors?
No one actually can keep and own that list. Due to privacy and compliance best-practices, neither we or you can actually own the list. We match the data to the creative and mail out the cards, but the list is never stored, housed, or kept. Nor can we send it back to you.

Can I get a copy of the mailing list?
Unfortunately, privacy laws prevent us from giving you the actual mailing address. We at Modern are passing the data through and not keeping the data ourselves. No one keeps the data. However, naturally, all responders become your leads and customers and help build to your House List.

Do you use my visitor data beyond this mailing?
Nope. Your visitors’ data isn’t shared, and its only use and purpose are to mail the actual cards.

Are my visitors’ mailing addresses shared with other data networks?
Nope. This is a one-way data stream. The matched mailing addresses flow into the cards to be mailed, and that’s it.

Are there any other privacy concerns I should worry about?
There aren’t privacy concerns, since no one actually owns and keeps the data. However, we send you a privacy statement that we recommend you put on your privacy policy. It just notifies your web visitors that they might be remarketed to via mailing. This is commonplace now for sites to have privacy statements about their cookies and the like.