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Step 1: Assess Interest and Qualify


After a client expresses interest in the idea (from a reply to your outreach or an inquiry), schedule a quick qualifying call. This is usually a 20+ minute conversation to introduce the concept and review the website with the client. Make sure you use this initial conversation to qualify the business and site, based on the criteria above.

  • Tools: Unbranded Pitch Deck for you to use – MiO_CallDeck_Unbranded
  • Goal of call: Gauge interest to see if client willingly commits to placing a tag. If they are still unsure, it’s best to hold off until you can send them more information, meet with other teammates, or have another call.
  • To do: Schedule the NEXT CALL to review the Dashboard metrics revealed after they place the tag. We recommend you schedule that session no later than 7 business days out. This effectively creates a shared understanding from the client that they want to move forward, and commits them to act. If they don’t want to have that next call scheduled, then they might not be ready to place the tag.
  • Next Step: Fill out the Tag Request Form. This gets the process started for us to send the tag to you, to send to your client.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not request a Tag for clients who are ‘on the fence.’ A shared goal is to prepare and support new tags that are highly likely to launch. We measure Tag Placement Rates, monitoring the % of tags that are actually placed onto website to collect traffic and review addressables. We also measure Launch Rates, measuring the % of how many tags are sent and placed result in a launched program.

A healthy placement rate should be about 80%, meaning that for every 10 tags we create and send to you, at least 8 of them are placed on the client websites. Of those, a healthy ratio is for 5 of those 8 programs to actually launch.

Refer to your agreement where we outlined minimum thresholds to adhere to regarding Tag placement and Launch rates.