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Step 2: Place a Tag


The tag placement early in the onboarding stage is important so you can gauge the approximate traffic, daily addressables, and overall opportunity early in the process for your clients. This sets their expectations correctly and gives them a ballpark for the budget.

Please use the Tag Request Form for every new client you onboard. After we receive it, we’ll send you a unique tag for each of your client’s specific websites. Once you receive it, you will:

  1. Send the tag and privacy policy recommendation in the email to your client.
  2. Once the tag is placed, you’ll see the traffic flow through on the client’s dashboard by day 2. If you don’t see traffic, verify with the client that they placed the tag.
  3. If you don’t have a follow-up call scheduled, now is the time to set up a Website traffic review with your client.

Remind them about the scheduled follow-up session to review the traffic as well, which motivates the client to place the tag within the few days after you send it.

Tools: Instructions for placing a tagHow to check if the tag is on a website^^

^^ Coming soon!