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Step 3: Targets and Traffic Review

After the tag is placed and data is flowing, review the data itself for any patterns and easy observations. These patterns help determine the higher-intent pages, and reveal how you can best help the client by focusing the targeting on those pages most likely to convert.

You will be the expert on the call with the client. Your role will be to provide the guardrails and parameters of the program and guide the client to best decisions about which pages drive the program and how many cards/day they might be mailing.

It’s important that you read the Targeting Tips to best have those conversations. ^^ Targeting Tips Tool

NOTE: Overall match rates will vary, but expect about 50%. Sites that receive a lot of PPC-driven traffic tend to have lower overall match rates.^^ Match Rate Details FAQ > Why is my match rate low? 

  • Tools: Targeting Tips (PDF and Instructional Video)
  • To do: Have a plan and prepare for the call. You will want to convey specific advice and guidance for the client, and steer them down the path towards which users the program will be targeting.
  • Next Step: Budget approval and estimate, and preparing the creative.
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