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Step 4: Prepare the Creative


The creative is different for Modern iO than normal acquisition Direct Mail. Because visitors have already been to the client’s site, the design, response elements, and copy should further and deepen the client’s story and unique selling advantages.

As agency, you are responsible for preparing the creative with or for the client. Use our Design Examples^^ page as a resource for your team for preparing the creative.

We strongly recommend you use our Design Guide^^ to set them up for success. We’ve seen programs with only an image and an offer, or a ‘brand’ card with no direct response elements that fail to drive return visits and conversions. Again, this is a very different channel, and it’s likely your clients have never done this before. The creative is a key part of engaging that lost website visitor with a one-on-one message and call to action. 

If needed, we offer Creative Services, which includes copywriting, design, and finalization for a fee. We recommend starting with our FREE Resources of Design Guide^^ and Design Examples^^ first.