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Step 5: Submit, Approve, and Launch


Once the targeting parameters have been chosen, you can determine the approximate number of available visitors you can mail to each day.

This is not Direct Mail, which is usually oriented around a campaign. Instead, this should be sold and presented as an evergreen, ongoing marketing channel. While you control the budget by setting daily or monthly limits that can be adjusted as the program runs, it’s best to set your client up as an Ongoing Program.

And, if a client mentions they want to test the program, we recommend at least a 90 day period to get a sense of how well a program is performing. See Planning “Time” vs. “Budget”.

Once the Creative has been approved, and the budget parameters or caps are set, you should be ready to submit the Agency Order Form and the Creative files to begin launching the program.

  • Please use the Onboarding Checklist^^ to double-check you have all the information before filling out the Order Form.
  • To submit the Creative, go to the Support tab on your agency’s dashboard, and click on the Upload Files button. Drag and drop the files to submit. Please include the client’s Company Name in the file name. <VIDEO Coming Soon>


Once everything has been set up, we will send a notification that the program is ready for your approval in the dashboard, under the Campaign tab. You will need to approve both the Specifications and Creative, and click on “Submit” to launch the program. <VIDEO Coming Soon>

When a program begins, you will see the mailings recorded in the dashboard. The original budget and caps may not exactly match what is being mailed out, since the targeting filters reveal final mailing quantities when the program actually begins. We bill you each Friday, reflecting all the cards mailed that week.