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Online Order Form


Each new client program requires an order submission:
Modern iO Agency Online Order Form.


Order Form Cheat Sheet

To help avoid delays when submitting an online order via the online order form, here is a list of details needed before launching a program.  PDF Version of Cheat Sheet.

Campaign Duration (you will need to choose one) 

    • Ongoing Program 
    • Program With Specific Stop Date 
    • Program Controlled by Budget (continue until total budget is used) 

(you will need to choose one)* 

    • Card quantity 
    • Dollar amount
      *You will need to indicate further details on the Order Form. 


    • Conversion URL? 
    • Minimum Number of Page Views to qualify for mailing  
    • Any Exclusion URLs? 
    • Do Not Remail Period (between 1-90 days) 
    • Suppression List?  
    • Geographic Limitations?  


    • Postcard Size (4.25” x 6” or 6” x 9”) 
    • Creative Label (“Abandoned Cart”, etc.) 
    • URL Pages used to activate Creative 
    • Rolling Expiration Date? 
    • Variable Promotional Codes? 
    • Multiple Creatives being submitted? 


Each new client program requires an order submitted through the Modern iO Agency Online Order Form.