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Advantages of Modern iO


Our solution is a full end-to-end service that includes the strategy and resources to help you sell, the technology and platform to use, and the full production capabilities of a state-of-the-art Direct Mail company.

By offering our unique service to your clients, you bring a new marketing channel that makes you more competitive and valuable. Your brand clients can take advantage of the everyday opportunities created by their current website traffic, and – literally – get their message in the hands of visitors that leave without buying.

Think of this channel as:

  • Ongoing marketing to the website traffic that left without converting.
  • Evergreen marketing channel to complement all of the digital marketing – including retargeting – that you’re already managing for your clients.
  • Not traditional campaign-based Direct Mail, which requires a static list and a single-or multi-touch mailing of thousands of cards at once.
  • Proven to yield higher response rates than digital retargeting, and creates a one-to-one “kitchen table moment” with customers.

We understand this channel and know how to set up your Agency for success.

Agency Experience
Our experience in working with Agencies to resell Modern iO has prepared us to create and scale a win-win-win program, so you and your clients can simply be more effective and gain additional revenue.

Low Daily Minimums for Client Programs
We recommend onboarding programs that will produce a minimum of 10-15 cards per day. That’s a good “floor” threshold to think about when qualifying clients.^^ Minimum Cards/Day Details

Cookie-based Tag
Our 1st party cookie based approach to collecting the data is more accurate and reliable than IP-based methods.

Collateral Support & Initial Training
We know that this is new to the Agency team, so we’ve designed collateral and training to help you make it easier to engage your clients, sell, and manage the programs.

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