April 2019

Print Product Spotlight: How to Make an Impact with Booklets

The Marketing Team, Modern Postcard

When your marketing objective requires communicating many aspects of your business in a single print piece, then a booklet can be an excellent option. But when faced with multiple pages of content, it can help to have some guidance to get started.

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And If You Don’t Know, Now You Know – The Notorious CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)

Jeanine Norlin, Senior Marketing Manager, Modern Postcard

How much is a new customer worth to your business?

The amount should roll off your tongue as easily as the lyrics to your favorite song. Customer lifetime value (CLV) is widely accepted in the business world as a must-know metric. And while few refute the importance of this number, surprisingly many professionals struggle defining and calculating it. Are you one of them? That’s ok. Let’s break down the lifetime value of a customer, verse by verse.

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Modern Postcard is very easy to work with and provides beautiful products.
Bethany Frasco
Development Associates