June 2019

The Hidden Costs of DIY Mailing

Marc Ortiz, Mailing Operations Manager, Modern Postcard

Mailing campaigns yourself can seem pretty straightforward and sometimes even inexpensive—this is where the danger lies. The inconspicuous issues for companies who do their own marketing mailings lay in the deals and discounts they didn’t even know they were entitled to. The postal network is vast and complex, so knowing what all your options are and being able to negotiate better rates is essential to running a successful direct mail campaign.

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Profile & Append: Take Your Customer Marketing to a Whole New Level

Keith Goodman, VP Corporate Sales & Marketing, Modern Postcard

I heard a great story from Harvey Mackay, a world-renowned author and speaker, who talked about how he used to love standing in line at the Starbucks counter at a tradeshow because it was filled with his potential customers. And every time he waited in line, he could talk to a few of the people in front and behind him and generate some leads. It struck home for me (which is big because I absolutely hate waiting in line) and I have since landed several customers, as well as my largest customer ever, waiting in line at the Starbucks counter at a tradeshow.

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Modern Postcard is very easy to work with and provides beautiful products.
Bethany Frasco
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