List Wednesday - Consumer List Demographics: Home Market Value

Dan Anglin, Manager, List & Data Solutions, Modern Postcard

When your product or service applies to a specific demographic, working with home value data can be a critical piece in identifying prospects that are most likely to do business with you. That’s the name of the game when working with lists. The more on target your campaign, the bigger your return on investment.

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Find new customers and keep the ones you have with direct mail

Fred Hernandez, Director of Marketing, Modern Postcard

From personal experience, I can tell you that direct mail has always been a key component of my marketing programs because how effective it is at helping me achieve my two main goals: finding new customers and then keeping them.

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Ask our Experts - What kind of response rate can I expect on my direct mail piece?

Keith Goodman, VP, Corporate Solutions, Modern Postcard

Question: What kind of response rate can I expect on my direct mail piece?

Answer: The question you should be asking is “What response rate do I need?” There are businesses that can generate a great ROI on a 1/10th of 1% response rate, while other businesses might need 3%. It all depends on what a new customer is worth to you and how much you are willing to spend to get a new customer. Once you know this number, you just figure out what type of response rate you need to meet that number.

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Why direct mail? People look at it!

Fred Hernandez, Director of Marketing, Modern Postcard

As consumers, we’re exposed to hundreds of advertising messages per day. Some experts claim that the number is probably more in the thousands and considering the explosion of advertising channels in the last few years, they might be right.

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