Ask our Experts - "Or Current Resident" is a Mixed Bag

Arnie Cohen, Senior Manager / Product Logistics, Modern Postcard

Question: What is your opinion on using “Or Current Resident” as part of the mail addressing??

Answer: Using “Or Current Resident” is a mixed bag. While it will make sure every mail piece is delivered unless the address is vacant, it also has the appearance of being less personal. It’s hard to know how many recipients would care about that, but why take that chance. A better solution would be to first use our NCOALink® Change of Address service to identify people who have moved. If your business is more concerned about the address than the recipient, i.e. a pool service, neighborhood restaurant, etc., you can then replace the person’s name for just those moves with something generic like “The Pool Owner At” or “The Pizza Lover At”.

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Ask our Experts - What is the difference between Single Use and Multi Use lists?

Dan Anglin, Manager, List & Data Solutions, Modern Postcard

Question: What is the difference between Single Use and Multi Use lists?

Answer: Single Use allows you to mail to a list just once – one and done. Multi Use allows you to mail to a list unlimited times for a period of one year. The Multi Use option is available on our Consumer and Business List Products, as well as some Specialty Lists.

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Tweets of the Week – Top 5

Check out our most clicked on tweets and if you like what you see, follow Modern Postcard on Twitter!

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Congratulations to Client, Wonderful Machine

We are over the moon to hear that Wonderful Machine’s campaign, printed on Sumo Size™ postcards, was recently chosen for Print Magazine’s 2010 Regional Design Annual. Big high-fives go out to an incredible company that connects commercial and editorial art buyers with high-quality photographers across a broad range of specialties and locations.

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Celebrating Your Customers!

It's always a good idea to celebrate your customers. After all, without them you would not be in business. And, the holidays are the perfect time to acknowledge and thank your company's most lucrative resources. If you haven't done so already, you need to get a move on. And to do it right, it takes a little up-front planning and a touch of creativity.

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