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Celebrating Your Customers!

It’s always a good idea to celebrate your customers. After all, without them you would not be in business. And, the holidays are the perfect time to acknowledge and thank your company’s most lucrative resources. If you haven’t done so already, you need to get a move on. And to do it right, it takes a little up-front planning and a touch of creativity.

As you put your plan in place to celebrate your customers, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Spend wisely. Holiday gift giving can get expensive, so find out how much budget you have to work with right away. For example, if you have hundreds of customers and aren’t sure how to begin prioritizing, divide them into categories based on the level of business they brought in this year. Plan on spending a bit more on the higher category levels, and decrease the amount you spend for each subsequent category. Consider levels that include card only, card plus small gift, and card plus significant gift.
  • Think outside the box. Challenge yourself to think creatively. Gather your customer-facing team members together and start brainstorming! There are many creative and unique options to choose from, including customized gift baskets to movie gift certificates to hand-delivered donuts fresh from the bakery. Perhaps you’d get more visibility sending a Happy New Year gift, rather than competing in the December holiday frenzy. Remember to keep your audience in mind when choosing your gift and the timing of delivery. And, as you identify the options, be sure to review the order deadlines and shipping restrictions.
  • Give it the personal touch. Not only are the holidays a great way to reinforce your relationship with your clients, it is also an opportunity to further your company’s brand within the customer’s organization. Include company-branded pieces in your gift basket that can be used beyond the holiday, or deliver a cookie bouquet frosted with your logo. Are you known for stellar customer service? Then deliver your holiday gift in person. Donate to a good cause in the name of your customer. And remember to always include a handwritten note with each holiday gift.
  • Stay religiously neutral. Your holiday gift and cards should remain religiously neutral in their content. Your clients may be of diverse religious backgrounds and staying neutral in your gift will be appreciated.

A great holiday gift does not have to be expensive, but it does have to make an impact. Putting thought and imagination behind your corporate holiday season shows your customers, partners, and/or employees that you truly do put them first. Wow ’em, surprise ’em, and make sure they are talking about and supporting your company!


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