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Combine Direct Mail with Digital for Higher Response

If you’re looking for a program that deploys multichannel marketing from a single platform, from direct mail to social media and targeted digital ads, Modern Max is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

What is Modern Max?

Modern Max targets your ideal audience with both consistency and variety. And we make it easy to set up and launch. You don’t have to be a professional marketer to use this program that has time again lifted response rates for our current customers. Lists, creative, mailing, digital ad placements are all done in-house and you have the control to stop and start campaigns at your convenience to suit your specific marketing needs.

Everything is tracked and measured in a single dashboard.

How Does Modern Max Work?

Our dedicated account managers will help you one-on-one to get everything set up:

Direct Mail
From start to finish, our team will help you plan your campaign, compile a targeted mailing list, create your mailer, print, address and ship your mailers direct to the USPS® for delivery.

Mail Tracking
You can track when your mail has been delivered as well as receive predicted delivery dates and real-time delivery dates as your mailers begin to land.

Informed Delivery Email
Your mailer is supported by a clickable full color ad within the Informed Delivery email preview sent by the USPS. Recipients subscribed to this service will see a preview of your mailer before they get it.

Social Match
We’ll take your mailing list and match up to 50% of the recipients with their personal Facebook and Instagram user accounts.

Social Media Ads
Matched recipients receiving your mailer will also see your digital ad on their Facebook & Instagram pages, ensuring your campaign achieves maximum exposure.

Google Retargeting Ads
Modern MAX captures visitors to your website and then displays your digital ad on other websites they visit later, keeping your business top of mind everywhere they browse.

Digital Only Option
A digital only service is also available through our MAX Digital program. This program is suitable for those who are interested in Modern Max but without the direct mail component. It includes social match, social ads, google retargeting, and tracking through your personal MAX dashboard.

While we offer digital only, we highly recommend adding direct mail along with your digital marketing efforts to achieve optimal results. Why? Studies prove that direct mail paired with digital saw 118% higher response, in turn generating more leads and opportunities to acquire more customers and sales.

At Modern Postcard, we help customers turn a single mail piece into multiple impressions to the same audience. It’s not magic, it’s simply our direct marketing experts doing what they do best. So, if you want to see your ROI improve by adding Modern Max to your marketing strategy, give us a call and we’ll answer all your questions one-on-one.

If you want to request a FREE Modern Max demo, please schedule it here.

Call a Direct Marketing Specialist at 800.959.8365.

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