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Connect Deeper With Customers

We all get emails from organizations we follow and companies we purchase from, and while it’s nice to see there’s an effort from these businesses to connect with us, we’re recommending going the extra mile for your customers by taking outreach to the next level, or rather a deeper level.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re fans of emails too, but email marketing alone can come off as impersonal, pushy and dare we say it, occasionally desperate – especially when we see our inboxes inundated with messages from the same sender day after day, week after week. So, what is the answer to connecting with consumers on a deeper level? Mailboxes!

Connect Deeper With Customers

You Had Me at Mailbox
Around the same time as postage stamps were invented, society’s dependency on mailboxes started to form in the 1850s when the letter became the world’s most important form of communication. In 1923, it became mandatory for all households to have a mailbox, or a letter slot at the least. For a solid 97 years people have been connected to their mailboxes, and whether you’ve thought about it or not there is an indisputable relationship each and every one of us has with our own mailbox. We rely on it to keep correspondence safe, to receive bills and other financial information, hold marketing pieces from local and national businesses with offers that we may be interested in, and during the holidays it transforms into a dear friend that protects letters and messages sent to us from loved ones near and far.

According to a study made by the USPS®, “98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it’s delivered. Of these, 72% bring it in as soon as possible and 77% sort through their mail immediately.” As marketers, let’s take advantage of these figures. After all, direct mail has a nearly 100% open rate as compared to email at about 20-30%.

Effective Direct Mail Formats to Consider
Connect with your customers, or reach out to prospects by creating a direct mail campaign that brings value to the recipients. Consider one of these easy-to-mail formats for your next campaign:

Postcards – Never underestimate the power of the classic, flat postcard. It’s is easy to design and affordable to mail. Choose from four different sizes: Standard Postcard 4.25” x 6”, Deluxe Postcard 6” x 8.5”, Sumo Size Postcard 6” x 11” and the 5×7 Postcard.

Newsletters – Popular with non-profits for its versatile design options, this format offers lots of real estate for copy and images. Choose from two mailable sizes: Compact Newsletter that folds to 4.24” x 6” and Large Newsletter that folds to 5.5” x 8.5”.

Tri-Fold Brochure – A lot of businesses prefer this format because it’s easy to design with its three-panel layout, it’s easy to mail, and fits perfectly in rack card holders at trade shows, reception desks, and restaurant take-out counters.

We’re here should you need help with designing your next direct mail campaign. If you’re creating it yourself, use our design templates to get you started. Think about what the receiver will take away from your mail piece and remember to include your contact information, an attractive offer, or a tempting call-to-action where appropriate.

Make checking the mail exciting again with the infinite possibilities of direct mail!

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