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Direct Mail in a Digital Manager’s World

Being an Online Marketing Manager, even for a direct mail specialty company like Modern Postcard, I am predisposed to thinking that online advertising is more effective across an assortment of metrics, and in some instances, that’s very true.

All day long I’m confined to my desk, venturing from website to website, whether it’s for function, research or just plain news. While surfing around, I probably pass by at least 1,000 banner ads a day, maybe more.

And I don’t usually click on a one of them.

Then I go home and check my mail. As long as it doesn’t look like blatant advertising, I open every single piece.

Every person is different, that is a fact. But isn’t that the whole point? Here I am picking and choosing the advertising I am paying attention to, and right now my personal click thru rate is in the millionths of a percentile, while my open rate for a mail piece is almost 100%.

This is just another reason to diversify your advertising. You simply never know what your audience’s preferences are for your message.

By Modern Postcard

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